Girder Fabrication

At ASM, we understand the specific nature of structural girder fabrication. If weight is not distributed properly, underperformance and destruction can result. Our in-house engineers and other professionals have years of experience designing, creating, and installing girders so you never have to worry. Having worked on challenging projects with some of the top companies in the area, we have what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Industries Benefiting from Structural Steel Girders

Structural girder fabrication is beneficial for a variety of industries. More than just a steel beam, girders distribute weight to different columns that are holding up the structure. They must be expertly engineered to do this. Certain industries benefit most from steel girders.

Transportation: You’ll notice girders holding up bridges that span over waterways and other roadways. When the interstates and highways come together, steel girders play a huge part in keeping those areas running smoothly.

Sports: Have you ever wondered how sporting stadiums so effortlessly keep their fans safe in the stands? Structural steel girders have been utilized to keep the stands secure regardless of how rowdy the game gets.

Rail: Once a train gets going, it cannot be stopped. Even with small breaks in the course, a bridge is necessary, which means girders are part of the equation. Small or large, the girders have to hold millions of pounds of train weight.

Steel Girders for Heavy Construction

All steel girder projects are different dimensions and used for different applications. Heavy construction projects such as bridges and buildings require steel girders for proper weight capacity and design.

To complete your project, we offer a variety of finishes. These are not just for aesthetics but for corrosion resistance, budget issues, and the speed at which you need the project completed. Our finishes include chrome plate, powder coating, hot-dipped galvanized, galvanized, electroplate, and pre-finished.

Contact Us to Get Started with Steel Girder Fabrication

Whether you’re constructing a bridge or an office building that’s an architectural masterpiece, you need an engineering and manufacturing team that knows how to handle steel fabrication. With AWS-certified welders and an excellent team of experienced professionals, you know you’re getting the best in structural girder fabrication when you choose ASM. Contact us today to get started.