Mezzanines, Platforms & Stair Fabrication

ASM is a leading metal fabrication facility working with clients in and around California. For over 20 years, some of the largest companies in the area have trusted us for their most critical mezzanine, platform, and stair projects. With unmatched expertise and quality metal products, we’re your structural steel mezzanine fabrication solution.

Industries Benefiting from Mezzanine, Platform, and Stairway Fabrication

Known for high-quality products and services, our metal fabrication benefits clients in a wide range of areas. We can add to existing structures with the precision it requires to look originally seamless, or our team can be a part of a new construction project. Some of the industries benefiting from our metal fabrication services include:

  • Manufacturing – Platforms and mezzanines are used to store parts or add to maintenance space.
  • Retail – Mezzanines in retail are perfect for displaying seasonal products.
  • Entertainment – Platforms and mezzanines can be used as catwalks and display features, with stairway fabrication making it easy for entertainers to get up and down.
  • Warehousing – Metal platforms, stairways, and mezzanines optimize space in warehouses, making business more efficient.
  • Professional – Mezzanines offer additional office space, while platforms and stairs create a new and unique way to get around the office.

Structural Steel Mezzanine Fabrication

At ASM, we understand the difference between a catwalk platform and a storage mezzanine. We know when a straight stairway will be more beneficial than a U-shaped stairway. Our professionals have years of experience helping clients understand what will work best for their application and which materials will hold up for years.

Each project for structural steel platform fabrication requires different weight capacity, installation techniques, design, and style.

The finish of your metal fabrication project completes the look. Finishes we have available for structural steel mezzanine fabrication are chrome plate, electroplate, galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, powder coating, and pre-finished.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Metal Fabrication Project

Whether for new construction or an addition, ASM comes prepared with the highest quality metal products and services you need. With AWS-certified welders and experienced craftsmen, you know you’re getting the safest, most well-designed platforms, mezzanines, and stairways. Contact us today to learn more about structural steel mezzanine fabrication or to speak with a professional about your project details.