Miscellaneous Construction Metals

Miscellaneous metals are the metal components for logos, store signs, railings, staircases, ladders, and more. ASM provides miscellaneous metal fabrication for a variety of projects, including metal handrails, steel angle fabrication, and ladder fabrication.

Our miscellaneous metal products serve many industries, including food service and medical. Our miscellaneous construction metal may also be incorporated into a larger construction project or a minor renovation.

Types of Miscellaneous Metals

Typically, miscellaneous metals consist of jobs that contractors or welders outsource their work to. A fabricator like ASM can create the correct materials with exact dimensions. Miscellaneous metals may include safety and fire escape ladders, sill angles for windows, relief angles for masonry projects, and lintels for wall support.

When it comes to miscellaneous metals, including ladder and metal handrail fabrication, you have a choice of material, coating options, grade, and design.

ASM often uses Division 5 metals for fabricated miscellaneous metals. Available materials include:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Cold-rolled steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Spring steel aluminum
  • Copper
  • Specialty metals

We offer powder, galvanized, pre-finished, chrome-plated, electroplated, and hot-dipped for special coatings.

Challenges Associated for Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication

Miscellaneous metals are sometimes left out of the construction details. As with other building components, you must provide your fabricator with specifications. For example, if you own a commercial building and opt for metal railings instead of wooden railings for a staircase, your metal fabricator must design the railing to uphold structural and safety standards. Not only must it fit the stairs, but it must be able to support your guests utilizing it for balance.

Centralizing your project with one metal fabricator allows you to order all components from the same place. Most commercial builds find using one fabricator for the project to be cost-effective and efficient. For example, we can both manufacture and install your ladder if you choose our ladder fabrication service.

Finish Your Industrial Project With ASM

At ASM, we offer metal fabrication for construction, industrial, and architectural industries. We have experience working with general contractors on installations of million and billion-dollar projects. Licensed and insured, we are considered a one-stop shop for construction projects specializing in architectural, structural, and miscellaneous construction metals.

Whether you need a handrail, steel angle, or ladder fabrication, we have various solutions for our clients. We minimize the need for subcontractors because we can engage with projects that are not one-off requests or single drawing requirements. Contact us today for more information.