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Case Study: Ocean Boulevard Coastal Bike Trail Connector – Long Beach, CA

ASM Industries successfully completed a transformative project in Long Beach, CA, which improved the functionality and aesthetics of the area. 

The Ocean Boulevard Coastal Bike Trail Connector aimed to provide a safer and more accessible route for cyclists and pedestrians, involving the construction of a new bicycle/pedestrian bridge and the conversion of an existing lane into a two-way bicycle lane.

We will be elaborating on its key features below. 

Challenges and Solutions

Navigating through the intricacies of coastal construction posed challenges, particularly in designing a drainage system that could withstand the coastal elements. ASM Industries responded with a tailored solution, integrating advanced drainage technologies to manage water runoff effectively.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Construction

The team constructed a bridge for bicycles and pedestrians to facilitate seamless movement and safety. It also adds an architectural element to the coastal landscape.

Two-Way Bicycle Lane Conversion

Converting an existing lane into a dedicated two-way bicycle lane required meticulous planning and execution.

Our team managed the transition smoothly, optimizing traffic flow. 

Bridge Drainage System

Addressing the unique coastal environment of Long Beach, the project incorporated a specialized drainage system for the bridge.

ASM Industries implemented state-of-the-art solutions to mitigate water-related challenges, ensuring the longevity and resilience of the infrastructure.


Our team has expertly weighed the benefits that this project will achieve. 

Aesthetic Integration

ASM Industries ensured that the infrastructure not only meets functional requirements but also complements the scenic beauty of the coastal surroundings, creating a visually appealing addition to Long Beach.

Socio-Economic Impact

Beyond the tangible improvements in infrastructure, the Ocean Boulevard Coastal Bike Trail Connector promises significant socio-economic benefits. By promoting alternative modes of transportation, the project contributes to a greener and healthier community.

The enhanced connectivity is expected to spur local economic activities, as businesses along the coastal route stand to benefit from increased foot and bicycle traffic.


ASM Industries takes pride in its contribution to the Ocean Boulevard Coastal Bike Trail Connector, a project that marries functionality with aesthetics, fostering a more sustainable and connected community.

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community enhancement continues to drive our success in delivering transformative infrastructure projects.


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