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Case Study: ASM on The Metro Purple Line Phase 1

The Metro Purple Line Phase 1, also known as the Westside Subway Extension, is a critical transportation infrastructure project in Los Angeles, California.

The Problem

The Metro Purple Line Phase 1 project marked a significant milestone in expanding Los Angeles’ public transportation network. However, prior to the project’s initiation, commuters in the region faced a challenge – the lack of essential structural amenities at existing stations made travel uncomfortable and less safe.

  1. Uncomfortable Waiting Areas: The absence of seating benches left commuters without a place to rest while waiting for trains, resulting in discomfort during peak travel times.

  2. Insufficient Bicycle Infrastructure: The lack of bike racks discouraged the use of bicycles for last-mile connectivity to stations, contributing to traffic congestion.

  3. Tripping Hazards: Staircases lacked stair kick plates, which posed tripping hazards and reduced overall safety for passengers navigating stairs.

  4. Limited Safety Measures: Stations lacked bollards and structural bumper plates to protect against potential accidents and unauthorized vehicle access, leaving commuters vulnerable to safety risks.

Project Scope

As part of the Metro Purple Line Phase 1 project, several key elements were incorporated into the overall user experience. One of the notable aspects of this endeavor is the implementation of structural bumper plates and the provision of various amenities, with American Sheet Metal (ASM) playing a crucial role in the project’s success.

Structural Bumper Plates

American Sheet Metal (ASM) was entrusted with the vital task of fabricating and installing structural bumper plates for the Metro Purple Line Phase 1 project. These plates were strategically placed within and around the stations to enhance safety and protect the structural integrity of the station platforms and surrounding areas.

  • Collision Mitigation
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Structural Protection

Other Amenities

In addition to the structural bumper plates, American Sheet Metal (ASM) also played a pivotal role in the installation of various amenities at the new stations, making them more comfortable and user-friendly for commuters.

  • Receptacles: ASM’s team ensured the proper placement of waste receptacles throughout the stations, encouraging proper disposal of litter and maintaining cleanliness.

  • Benches: Seating benches, fabricated and installed by ASM, provided passengers with a place to rest while waiting for trains, making the stations more accommodating for all passengers.

  • Bollards: Bollards were built to control pedestrian traffic flow and protect station areas from unauthorized vehicle access.
  • Bike Racks: ASM’s precision engineering ensured the secure installation of bike racks, encouraging commuters to use bicycles for their last-mile connectivity to the stations.

  • Lockers: ASM’s team provided secure storage lockers, offering passengers a safe place to store their belongings while traveling on the Metro Purple Line.

  • Stair Kick Plates: ASM’s attention to detail was evident in the installation of stair kick plates, improving visibility and safety on stairs and steps, thus preventing tripping hazards.

Benefits of the Project

The collaboration with American Sheet Metal (ASM) in the Metro Purple Line Phase 1 project offered several significant benefits. The structures contributed to passenger safety by reducing the risk of accidents and made public transportation more convenient and comfortable.

  1. Infrastructure Protection: Structural enhancements safeguarded the station infrastructure, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring long-term reliability.

  2. Safety Improvement: Structural bumper plates, bollards, and stair kick plates enhanced safety measures, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries for passengers.

  3. Enhanced Commuter Comfort: Seating benches, lockers, and receptacles improved the overall commuter experience, making travel more comfortable and convenient.


ASM’s expertise played a crucial role in the successful execution of this infrastructure project. the Metro Purple Line Phase 1 project demonstrates a commitment to safety, accessibility, and passenger comfort.

Through the strategic implementation of structural bumper plates and a range of amenities, this extension not only improves public transportation but also enhances the overall quality of life for residents and commuters in the Los Angeles area.

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