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Case Study: Capmatic’s Success with ASM’s Frame Fabrication

Capmatic is known for their high-quality monoblocks, fillers, and labelers. The company, in their goal to increase efficiency, has sought ways to improve their machinery’s performance.

In this case study, we explore how ASM played a pivotal role in assisting Capmatic by fabricating frames for their state-of-the-art capsule-filling machines and structures.

Project Background: Capmatic

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Quebec, Capmatic boasts a history and a strong presence in the packaging machinery sector. Their comprehensive range of packaging equipment caters to industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and beyond.

Capmatic’s commitment to innovation and quality has solidified their reputation as a go-to solution provider, consistently tailoring their offerings to meet their clients’ unique needs.

The Problem: The Need for Precision Frames

In the company’s industry, precision and durability are paramount. Recognizing this, Capmatic sought to develop exceptionally sturdy frames for their capsule-filling machines.

These frames are needed to not only withstand the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical and other industries but also maintain precision to ensure the accurate filling of capsules.

Capmatic required a reliable partner with expertise in fabricating these critical components to exact specifications.

Solution: ASM’s Expertise in Frame Fabrication

ASM’s expertise in fabricating metal made them the perfect partner for Capmatic’s needs. ASM was entrusted with the fabrication of frames for Capmatic’s automated capsule filling machines, as well as bases for other capsule-filling equipment.

Benefits of the Project

  1. Precision Engineering: American Sheet Metal (ASM) delivered on its promise of precision engineering, ensuring that the frames they fabricated for Capmatic’s machinery were crafted to exact specifications. 

  2. Durability: ASM’s frames were engineered to withstand various conditions. The robust construction of the frames added longevity to Capmatic’s equipment, leading to reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

  3. Enhanced Productivity: With ASM’s frames in place, Capmatic’s capsule-filling machines exhibited improved stability, resulting in reduced machine downtime and a significant increase in production efficiency.

A Successful Partnership with American Sheet Metal 

The collaborative effort between Capmatic and American Sheet Metal (ASM) was a resounding success.

Capmatic’s commitment to delivering high-quality packaging solutions was bolstered by ASM’s precision frame fabrication, enhancing the overall performance and durability of their machinery.

Capmatic’s capsule filling machines, equipped with ASM’s precision-engineered frames, continue to provide reliable and efficient solutions to their clients in various industries. This project highlights the value of having the right fabrication partner in achieving goals within your industry. 

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