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Case Study: The Regional Connector

The Regional Connector had been a crucial project in the Los Angeles Metro system. Its purpose was mainly to improve commuter connectivity and efficiency.

Skanska, a leading construction company, partnered with American Sheet Metal (ASM) to provide various products for this project. ASM has demonstrated its expertise in design, fabrication, and installation to contribute to the successful implementation of the Regional Connector.

This case study highlights ASM’s contributions and impact on customer satisfaction and creating a more efficient transport system.

The Problem

One of the key challenges in the Los Angeles Metro system was the high number of transfers required between two metro rails, causing inconvenience and delays for commuters.

While the challenge was to create a connector between the rails, ensuring the comfort of commuters was also imperative–hence, the need for additional structures. 

The Solution

To address the issue, Skanska initiated the Regional Connector project in order to provide transfer-free rides for commuters and have a more seamless transport experience. 

ASM (American Sheet Metal) played a vital role in the success of this project by crafting products made from high-quality sheet metal essential for customer satisfaction. 

Map Cases

ASM designed and manufactured high-quality map cases for the Regional Connector. These map cases were strategically placed throughout the stations, offering clear and easily accessible information to commuters.

ASM’s map cases facilitated wayfinding and minimized potential confusion during transfers, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.


ASM’s expertise in sheet metal fabrication led to the creation of durable and comfortable benches for the Regional Connector stations. These benches provided commuters with a convenient and comfortable seating option while waiting for trains or during transfers.

Bike Racks

ASM recognized the importance of promoting sustainable transportation options and fabricated bike racks for the new metro. These bike racks allowed commuters to conveniently and safely park their bikes while using the connector. 

Walkway Plates & Covers

ASM’s contribution to the Regional Connector also included walkway plates and covers. These sheet metal products offered safe and durable walkways, irrespective of weather conditions.

These are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, provided slip-resistant surfaces, and minimized maintenance needs. They contributed to a seamless and secure walking experience for commuters.

Elevator Enclosure

ASM’s sheet metal engineering expertise played a crucial role in manufacturing sturdy elevator enclosures for the metro.

These enclosures ensured the safety and accessibility of the elevators, especially for passengers with disabilities.

The Results

ASM’s focus on customer comfort and convenience significantly contributed to enhanced customer satisfaction. The provision of clear map cases, comfortable benches, and safe walkways reduced commuter stress and confusion during transfers.

ASM’s products improved the overall commuting experience, resulting in positive feedback from passengers and increased customer satisfaction.

With the aid of ASM’s high-quality products, the new LA Regional Connector achieved its goal of providing a more efficient, sustainable, and streamlined transportation system. 

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