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Case Study: Enhancing Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Kiosk

ASM Industries recently completed an exciting project at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, involving the installation of unique features to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a prominent kiosk.

The Challenge

The goal was to upgrade the kiosk’s design while addressing practical concerns such as water resistance and structural support.

Innovative Solutions Implemented

Below are the solutions that our team at ASM had built. 

  1. Radiused Light Track and Flashing

    • Our team installed a specially designed light track and flashing around the kiosk’s saucer. This feature not only adds visual appeal but also serves the crucial purpose of sealing in lighting elements to ensure they are protected from water damage.

  1. Radiused Drip Pan (Black Trim)

    • The black trim running around the saucer behind the Disney sign is more than just decorative—it acts as a drip pan. This innovative component helps to seal in the lighting fixtures and guarantees a watertight seal.

  1. Stainless Steel Column Wraps

    • To enhance both the appearance and durability of the kiosk’s support legs, we installed sleek Stainless Steel column wraps. These wraps provide a modern finish while adding structural integrity to the entire structure.

Impact and Results

The installation of these features transformed the Tomorrowland kiosk into a visually striking and functionally robust centerpiece. The integration of innovative solutions ensures that the kiosk not only meets aesthetic standards but also withstands environmental challenges effectively.

Key Takeaways

This project exemplifies ASM Industries’ commitment to blending creativity with practical engineering solutions. By leveraging specialized materials and design techniques, we successfully enhanced the kiosk’s overall performance and longevity.

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